Q: How can i confirm what kind of ink i should buy?

A: Check if all the following 2 points match:
What is the brand and model of printer and print head? What materials would you want to print on?

Q: I just want to buy an ink that can add to the printer, as goos as the original ink, it is possible for your inks?

A: Our inks can act 99% like original ink with the right information, but we can ‘t mix ink with the others inks brand including the original(some mdels can mix with original, pls ask us) and don’t mix ink with others materials either. Mixing may cause reations between two inks, precinitatation and then cause blocking

Q: Which is better, dye ink or pigment ink?

A: That depands on what effect you want to receive, for pigment ink, it is waterproof and high lightfast. Therefore, it is a better choice if the output needs to be kept for a long time. For Dye ink, its color gamut is wider.Therefore it is a better choce if you only need to get a vivid image.Furthermore, the price of dye ink is far less than that of pigment ink.

Q: How long is the shelf life of your ink?

A: Shelf life will vary depand on your storage conditions.Nornally, twelve months from the date produced. Once opend, six months in winter and three months in summer at most.

Q: How to order?

A: Please tell us the item that you need, and we would make an invoice(PI) for you. After you confirm the payment, we will ship the goods for you.

Q: How to pay the money?

A: T/T,Paypal and Western Union

Q: When will ship the ink after payment?

A: 3~5days by express and air, 5~10days by sea.